Me at the Kennedy Space Center, with a very serious Wally Schirra (A member of the Mercury 7)
Me at the Kennedy Space Center, with a very serious Wally Schirra (A member of the Mercury 7)

I graduated from Western Washington University March 2015 with a BS in CS and a minor in math. For the past 5 years I worked as a Senior Software Engineer, connecting up databases to the web, arguing over best long-term architectural decisions, and whatever else they needed me to do. Currently working as a freelance developer, living  in beautiful Minneapolis, MN.

In my spare time, I play with infosec, reverse engineering, learning Japanese, and whatever else catches my fancy.



Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics

  • from Western Washington University. Graduated March 2015 with 3.5 GPA



Attended multiple Webinars by Wild West Hackin’ Cast

  • Intro to OT(Operational Technology) 1 hour webinar
  • Intro to Linux Forensics Logs 1 hour webinar
  • SOC Core Skills 16 hour webinar

Embedded systems

Web technologies


Freelance Software Developer

2020 to present

Currently working with individual clients and non-profits to develop custom websites and applications to support their businesses. I do web development and hosting work to create stable, simple solutions that do what my clients want, to enable them to keep their businesses working.

Senior Software Engineer


Work Included:

  • building out a more automated build process for SPIE’s websites
  • Sole developer importing 500,000 XML files generated by hand over 20 years into a relational database
  • wrote powershell scripts for automatically setting up dev VMs, refactored to be used for dev, test, and multiple VM environments
  • developed and organized Confluence documentation to help on-boarding and knowledge transfer
  • Member of interview team for other senior software engineers
  • created take home project for senior, junior, and intern software engineer interviewees
  • sole developer for initial refactor of business layer code to support new digital library clients

Software Engineer

from January 2015 to 2018

Work Included:

  • Full time initial dev for new Digital Library website,
  • Full stack developer for using C#, Razor, HTML, Jquery
  • Data Layer DLL connecting with multiple SQL databases
  • Develop plugins, workflows, web resources for Dynamic CRM using C#
  • Set up ELK stack using Docker and VMs to push for Logging Visualization system
  • Created and leading team to improve the software development lifecycle at SPIE via automation towards CI, CD, logging visualization and other process improvements.
  • Create powershell scripts for managing data normalization